CCS Computers  - McKinney Texas -  972-984-6952 Your company’s website is the one form of advertisement that really trumps all others. Think of the old days when Newspaper was the only place you could advertise. No tracking, no feedback, no instant orders.... With today’s technology people can broadcast radio from their’s truly a “Whole other world” when it comes to what you can do today. Almost anything is possible with today’s Web2.0 Technologies. While you may find many solutions out there, some for as cheap as 4.99 a month...but what are you really getting for that 4.99. More importantly how committed to your success is the company that makes your accounting software? Are they really just trying to get you to upgrade to their latest edition? Maybe you have a “nephew” that does websites. His social networking skills are top of the line and his pages are all pimped out. Is that really how you want to showcase your business. No it’s not Your Website......The largest ad you will ever run... Once again, CCS can help. We have designed hundreds of websites for clients. Anything from simple brochure sites to super sophisticated portals with real-time operators. We have a proven process that we walk our clients through. It addresses all of the things you know you need, and many you never knew you did.