CCS Computers  - McKinney Texas -  972-984-6952 Put simply, you need Information Technology. Today’s working world demands it. Email has become a way of life just like the light bulb. Just as the light bulb burns out, so too technology can fail. Just like the light, it’s hard to get anything done when the technology fails. You can stumble through it, but once things come back on-line, you can really get back to work. Getting back to work after any failure is your top priority. Managed IT services are priced by the server/workstation count and can include many options for monitoring or remote problem resolution. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs, and custom tailor a solution for you. Managed IT services is like having someone watching the light bulb 24/7/365 to see if it flickers, then if it does, replacing it before it fails. It’s an insurance policy against downtime. Costs of downtime can quickly accelerate into the thousands and even more depending on the size of your organization. Managed IT Services.....What does that really mean?