CCS Computers  - McKinney Texas -  972-984-6952 Intel Application Server Solutions Servers can be dedicated to a single function when specific applications need the dedicated performance of a single server or extra security. You can have a dedicated application server perform one of the following functions: Enhance customer presentations. Increase performance and security. More effectively collaborate and share data. More easily manage software applications. Access important database information. Intel General Purpose Servers Most businesses add a server to help them with general multi-tasking and workload management. General purpose servers perform a variety of business critical tasks. With a general purpose server, you can: Bolster productivity. Protect your systems and your data. Increase speed and efficiency. Allow simultaneous access. Why do I need a server? Reliability, performance and peace of mind aren’t just for large companies. With a server based on Intel® architecture, your growing business will benefit from increased productivity and security.  A server ensures that critical information is accessible and secure, and as your business grows and prospers, it accommodates progress. Click here for more information about Intel’s Server CPU’s