CCS Computers  - McKinney Texas -  972-984-6952 Notebook Computer Systems Being able to take technology with you is a great human achievement. The latest tiny new Netbooks out there from HP and others are only 2lbs yet, they are 10 times or maybe even hundreds of times more powerful than the on-board computers that powered the Apollo Moon Missions. Technology has come a long way, and as it progresses, man continues to want it to be  smaller, faster, lighter weight, and with longer battery life. CCS sells Notebooks and the smaller Netbook models from names such as HP, Panasonic,Toshiba, Acer, and others. If you require a totally custom mobile solution, CCS offers custom built laptops based on the Intel Mobile Platform. Netbook Computer Systems Notebook PC’s use: Netbook PC’s use: Full Sized Screens Full Sized Keyboards CD or DVD Drives Conventional Hard Drives Smaller Screen Smaller Keyboard No CD or DVD SSD Hard Drives Click the logos below  for more information. Can’t decide which one is for you? Click here for more help... Click here to see why getting a new Notebook now is a wise decision