CCS Computers  - McKinney Texas -  972-984-6952 Intel Consumer Desktop Systems New desktop PCs are more cost effective, when you consider that annual support costs for older PCs increase by more than 30% by the fourth year of ownership. In addition, new desktop PCs based on Intel Core 2 processors reduce energy costs by using an average of 50% less power. Now is the time to get into a new PC. That old one you have gets slower every day. It’s got old software and probably even an old dirty keyboard. All that may seem like no big deal, but what you may not know is that old PC is costing you money...that’s right. Today’s PC’s are up to 50% more energy efficient than ones built just 3 years ago. That translates into higher electricity costs. In this down economy, everyone is watching their dollars. Getting an energy efficient PC not only helps you to Go Green, but saves you money too! Even a new flat screen monitor uses 1/3 of the energy of an older CRT type monitor. Consider upgrading today. Computer Why do I need a new Desktop PC? Click here to learn more and compare