CCS Computers  - McKinney Texas -  972-984-6952 Intel Business Desktop Systems CCS Computers desktop PCs powered by Intel® Core™2 processors give your business a competitive advantage. Older PCs slow your business down, and system downtime can be costly. That's why your business needs to invest wisely in new desktop PCs that can help lower costs and increase productivity with faster performance, greater energy efficiency, and enhanced network security. Increased productivity New Intel Core 2 processor–based PCs provide over 3X faster multitasking performance, which can help your employees save time and be more productive. For example, you can easily check your email or create a spreadsheet while running a virus scan in the background. Built-in security Another crucial benefit of Intel Core 2 processors is enhanced security. Their hardware–assisted security features provide added protection against an entire class of viruses and worms, as well as other security threats. What your business needs now All these benefits make new desktop PCs with Intel Core 2 processors a smart investment that will save you time and money. Start saving today. Why do I need a new Desktop PC? New desktop PCs are more cost effective, when you consider that annual support costs for older PCs increase by more than 30% by the fourth year of ownership. In addition, new desktop PCs based on Intel Core 2 processors reduce energy costs by using an average of 50% less power.